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Full Body & Facial Waxing

We are proud to offer full body and facial waxing here at Fourth N Main in Asbury Park. We offer full-service waxing by our highly-trained aestheticians who specialize in optimal hair removal! At Fourth N Main, we believe hard wax is a more comfortable, quick, and results-driven form of waxing for the face and body. Mermaid wax is a next-generation premium hard wax for hair removal. Our wax is a blend of natural rosin derivatives, waxes, and polymers – the best of the best!

Frequently asked questions

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How long should the hair be to get a wax?

Generally, the hair should be about 1/4 inch so the wax can fully grab the hair for the smoothest removal. About the length of a grain of rice, especially for the body.

How should I best prepare for my waxing appointment?

Skin should be clean and not recently shaved. Exfoliating and moisturizing before wax appointments ensures the smoothest, most comfortable experience.

What should I avoid before and after my waxing service?

No topical retinoids for at least 1 week to the area being waxed. If you are on Accutane, it is advised to avoid waxing entirely as the skin becomes extremely sensitive and is more prone to burns.

What is the difference between a bikini line, bikini full and Brazilian wax?

Bikini Line- Tidy up the panty/bikini line so that no hair is exposed on the edges.
Bikini Full- Removes as much hair or as little hair as you’d like from the pubic area.
Brazilian Wax- Removes all hair from the pubic area as well as the butt strip, leaving no hair behind!

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