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Fourth N Main Modern Aesthetics is excited to offer the Z wave treatment to compliment many of our services. This device uses Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT) to enhance results in tattoo removal, sexual health, cellulite reduction, and body contouring. The Z Wave technology utilizes the power of sound to emit radial pulse waves to targeted body areas. This sound energy is delivered by an electromagnetic device to penetrate the skin and deeper tissues.

This device increases blood circulation and aids in lymphatic fluid drainage, both of which increase metabolic activity in the body. With tattoo removal, the Z Wave helps flush the disrupted ink molecules out of the body faster. For sexual health, this device can improve erectile dysfunction and decrease the severity of Peyronie’s. Lastly, radial pulse therapy can be used to disrupt the fibrous bands known as cellulite.

The Z Wave treatment offers:

  • No downtime
  • Visible results
  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Non-invasive treat

your Z WAVE consultation

A Z Wave consultation involves a conversation about your appearance goals and complete medical history. Your overall health will be assessed to make sure that the Z Wave treatment is safe for you. Once you are eligible for the treatment, you will be given an overview of your treatment plan and a timeline of visible results.

For a more comfortable Z Wave session, you may be asked to wear loose clothing on the day of your treatment. Do not apply skin products like lotions or oils to the treatment areas.

am i a good candidate for Z WAVE?

The best candidates for a Z Wave treatment are healthy individuals who want a non-invasive way to boost the results of tattoo removal, body sculpting, skin tightening, or sexual health treatment. It is also ideal for patients looking to achieve effective cellulite reduction. Those who prefer a quick treatment with no downtime can benefit from a Z Wave treatment.

There is also no preparation needed for a Z Wave treatment. You won’t need to discontinue blood-thinning medications, and the shockwave energy won’t require you to avoid sun exposure.

For people with a fitted pacemaker or other implant devices, Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT) can affect how the device functions. Please consult with us to explore other alternatives.

A Z Wave treatment may not be safe for pregnant women. Please wait until after childbirth before considering this treatment.

Those with an active infection or skin abrasion in the treatment area should address it before undergoing a Z Wave treatment.

your Z WAVE session

The session will begin with calibrating the Z Wave device settings. Our Z Wave technician will ask you if the pressure can be tolerated. Once the setup is complete, the device will be moved across the area for treatment, emitting sound energy. The whole session lasts for around 30 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

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No, in fact quite the contrary. Many patients comment that the treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage. Again this is subjective, but most patients do not experience pain during the treatment.


This really depends on your specific condition. We highly recommend one treatment for each tattoo removal session, as this will help metabolize the pigment quicker. Cellulite protocol requires multiple sessions, but sessions average at 4 minutes per body area. For more information regarding the other uses of the Z Wave, please call and a staff member can assist. 732-997-3186.

Have questions about Z Wave at Fourth N Main Modern Aesthetics?

Please give us a call at 732-997-3186. One of our staff members will be happy to answer your questions!

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