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Fine lines and wrinkles can be removed non-surgically with Sofwave™ for Monmouth County patients. Sofwave™ uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology (SUPERB™) to lift eyebrows, sagging skin below the chin, and loose neck tissue. It can also smooth away facial lines and wrinkles.

This FDA-approved technology uses ultrasound energy to increase production of new collagen and elastin. These are the proteins responsible for retaining strength and elasticity in the skin. To help you achieve younger and firmer skin without going under the knife, our staff at Fourth N Main are trained to help you get the best results possible from a Softwave™ treatment.

Frequently asked questions

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What Is Sofwave™?

Sofwave™ is the next-generation wrinkle-reduction and lifting treatment for people who want to correct skin sagging, drooping eyebrows, fine lines, and wrinkles. It uses SUPERB™ technology to increase collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers of the skin.

Unlike other skin-rejuvenation treatments, Sofwave™ uses a unique cooling mechanism called SofCool™ to protect the skin’s surface from burns during the treatment. Sofwave™ is safe for all skin types and effective for all skin tones.

How Does Sofwave™ Work?

Sofwave™ creates heat that reaches up to 1.5mm in the middle of the skin’s dermal layer. This heat triggers the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin. The Sofwave™ treatment mimics an injury, and in response, the skin heals itself through neocollagenesis, or creation of new collagen.

Collagen and elastin can provide structure to the skin in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. An increase in collagen and elastin production also results in enhanced elasticity in sagging skin.

While the ultrasound energy travels within the dermis, the SofCool™ technology releases cooling energy.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sofwave™?

The best candidates for a Sofwave™ treatment are healthy individuals ages 22 and older with mild to moderate signs of aging. The treatment is also best for people who prefer non-invasive options with visible results for treating sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. A degree of skin tightening should occur after one week, and collagen regeneration will continue for the next 12 weeks.

Before considering Sofwave™ to treat skin aging, make sure that you do not have any open wounds or lesions on your face or neck. If you have severe or cystic acne, it must be fully treated before undergoing Sofwave™. Individuals with pacemakers or electronic implants should discuss these during a Sofwave™ consultation.

Your Sofwave™ Consultation

A Sofwave™ consultation will involve a detailed discussion about your appearance goals. Realistic expectations will be set during this consultation. Provide your complete medical history, including past procedures and any allergies.

Your Sofwave™ Session

Before using the Sofwave™ ultrasound machine, a numbing cream will be applied to the selected area for treatment. This will prevent any discomfort when the ultrasound heat waves travel through your skin.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the cream will be removed, and ultrasound gel will be applied to the skin. The next step is to deliver Sofwave™ ultrasound energy until all areas are treated.

The ultrasound energy will start at a low frequency and slowly progress until it reaches the maximum heat level. After one application of energy, the Sofwave™ device will be adjusted to the next spot.

A whole session for the face and neck should last for at least 30 minutes.

Sofwave™ Aftercare

There is no downtime or recovery period for a Sofwave™ treatment. You can resume your normal activities as soon as your appointment is finished.

It is safe to wash your face and resume your skincare routine. Avoid scratching the treated area. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30, and if you are directly exposed to the sun, apply it generously every 2 hours. Makeup can be worn immediately after a Sofwave™ treatment.

How Much Does Sofwave™ Cost?

The total price of Sofwave™ will depend on the size and number of areas being treated. Since the treatment is purely for aesthetic purposes, insurance will not cover the cost. Speak with our financing department to discuss payment options.

Find Out More

To learn more about Sofwave™ for Monmouth County patients, contact Fourth N Main Medspa and schedule a consultation. We will be available to discuss the benefits of Sofwave™, assess your eligibility, and perform the treatment to help you achieve your appearance goals.

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