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Learn more about your skin health with VISIA Skin Analysis in Monmouth. This 7th-generation system scans your skin to detect the rate of pigmentation, pore size, bacteria, wrinkles, and more. By accurately identifying your skin concerns, a more effective treatment plan can be prepared for your skin.

VISIA Skin Analysis works as a good starting point for any skin treatment, since the results can reveal which treatments are best for your skin.

Frequently asked questions

Face skin analyze system

What Is VISIA?

VISIA is a skin analysis system that collects in-depth information about your skin health, facial characteristics, and more. This helps patients learn more about the details of their skin type. It also provides data that can help us create a treatment program that will target your specific skin needs.

How Does VISIA Work?

VISIA will take pictures of you from several angles. The device also scans your skin to provide a surface and subsurface analysis.

The results from VISIA will identify spots, wrinkles, bacteria, red areas, skin texture, and pore size. This data will be discussed during the consultation, where you will receive personalized treatment recommendations.

Am I a Good Candidate for VISIA?

The best candidates for VISIA Skin Analysis are individuals who have tried multiple skincare products or treatments but are still not seeing results. VISIA can help patients better understand the root cause of their skin problems and receive a more accurate treatment moving forward.

VISIA may not be recommended to patients under 18 years old. The device uses minimal UV light, which is tested and controlled to be safe for the skin. However, some may not prefer this type of exposure.

Your VISIA Consultation

During the consultation, you will be asked about your complete medical history. It is important to know if you have any sensitivity to light.

Once it is confirmed that the VISIA skin analysis system is safe for you, our team will help you prepare for the imaging session.

How to Prepare for VISIA

Before your imaging session from VISIA begins, your skin will be cleansed. It is highly recommended to avoid wearing sunscreen, makeup, or any other skincare products on the day of your VISIA appointment. Having a clean and bare face can help provide the most accurate results from VISIA.

You will remove all jewelry, and you will need to put on dark scrubs if you’re wearing lighter colors.

Your VISIA Session

Once you are ready, our VISIA technician will set up the device. The VISIA system will take images and scan your skin at left, right, and frontal angles. The whole session should take less than an hour.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information on VISIA in Monmouth, contact Fourth N Main and schedule a consultation. Our skin experts will be available to guide you through the whole process. Feel free to ask questions at any time. We will be happy to help you get the best treatment possible for your skin.

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